Cabbage Soup Diet – A New Look and Weekly Menu

Cabbage soup can be utilized in a basic eating routine which can empower you to free somewhere in the range of 3 and 7kg (6 – 15 lbs) in a solitary week! Cabbage soup causes your body to consume fat and in this manner the more you eat the more weight you free. This eating routine is likewise useful for detoxifying your body and liver and strengthening you with a sentiment of prosperity. The cabbage soup diet ought to be followed uniquely alongside an all around picked menu of different nourishments, chose both to give the other fundamental supplements that you need, and to safeguard your body’s bulk and protein consumption while dissolving fats. Eating natural product is a significant piece of the Cabbage Soup Diet since it will cause you to feel full and your stomach fulfilled. In more detail, a portion of the advantages of cabbage soup include:

Invigorates thinning by controlling the digestion of sugar and fats.

Plentiful in fiber, minerals and nutrients

Rich is nutrients A, Beta Carotene and C – All significant cell reinforcement nutrients basic for good wellbeing

Potassium from Onions and Celery – Important for solid and wonderful skin and lips

Niacin from tomatoes – A significant B nutrient which can assist with turning ‘off’ sugar longings

In any case, as we referenced prior, cabbage soup ought not be your lone wellspring of nourishment since it doesn’t contain all the supplements that you need in its self. We along these lines encourage you to carefully follow the menus and exhortation displayed underneath. We additionally encourage you not to utilize the eating routine for over seven days one after another and to hold up at any rate 2 weeks before utilizing this powerful eating regimen once more.

The Cabbage Soup Recipe

4 cloves of garlic

6 enormous onions

2 medium boxes of tomatoes (stripped)

1 enormous head of cabbage

3 liters of water

2 peppers (green, yellow or red)

5 carrots

1 stick of celery

1 enormous sprig of parsley

Flavoring: salt, pepper and curry powder (discretionary) to taste.


Cut the vegetables into smallish pieces, place in a skillet, season and spread with the water. Bubble until the vegetables are tender.You may likewise liquidize the soup marginally. Try not to include any fat, oil or oil into the cooking procedure!

The Daily Menu and Diet:

For every one of the days 3 suppers, a bowl of cabbage soup is eaten. For the natural product segment of the dinners it is ideal to evade sweet ready bananas or other exceptionally sweet organic products, for example, strawberries. Bubbly beverages (counting diet drinks with counterfeit sugars are NOT permitted particularly drinks improved with aspartame). Tea and espresso are permitted as long as they are unsweetened.

You ought to eat until you are full. Try not to leave the table inclination hungry!

On every day the cabbage soup ought to be eaten at every supper time, notwithstanding the accompanying:

Day 1 – All organic products are permitted aside from bananas and melons. No improved beverages or juices.

Day 2 – All vegetables are permitted aside from peas and beans. No natural product is permitted on this day.

Day 3 – Fruit and vegetables are permitted as you like – eat them until fulfilled. After this third day you ought to have lost as much as 2 kilos in the event that you have followed the eating regimen carefully.

Day 4 – Only bananas and skimmed milk is allowed.

Day 5 – 150 grams of meat and 3-5 tomatoes might be eaten

Day 6 – 150 grams of meat or meal chicken (totally without skin)

Day 7 – Brown rice (a great segment) and unsweetened juices, vegetables voluntarily.

After these seven days you ought to have lost somewhere in the range of 5 and 7 kilos in the event that you didn’t swindle! Try not to rehash the eating routine for in any event a fortnight. Continuously follow a sound eating regimen, above all evading high sugar, high fat and handled nourishment.

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