5 Simple Foot Solutions to Alleviate Pain

Since the day we were born, we have been on our feet, performing activities and living our lives using them. Sadly, we often neglect them because they are the farthest parts of our body. We mistreat them, stand on them for hours, walk long distances, squeeze them into ill-fitting footwear and overwork them. It’s no wonder that we eventually suffer from agonizing foot problems, the most common of which is pain. This can be attributed to numerous factors such as incorrect shoe selection, absence of protective foot garments and lack of exercise. Being in pain can be a major setback and will usually hinder us from going about with our day to day tasks. Here are five simple foot accessories to help alleviate pain:

1. Proper Footwear of Choice
Choosing the right shoes to wear plays a vital role in preventing pain. This foot solution helps you avoid injury or trauma. When you are buying shoes, make sure you purchase them directly from the store and not online. It’s important that you are able to try them because it guarantees a better fit. This footwear also ensures that the shoes are comfortable to walk in and the heel height is just right.

2. Protective Foot Accessories
Wearing protective foot garments such as gel cushions and toe bands is another terrific foot solution. Inserting gel pads into your shoes is a wonderful footwear garments as they greatly support your soles and minimize pressure and friction on the base of your foot. Other fantastic foot solutions that help guard your feet from the rough shoe leather are socks and pantyhose. These footwear garments serve as barrier between your skin and the shoes, help absorb sweat and keep your feet dry. Thick pantyhose such as cable knit or opaque tights will not only keep you warm in the winter but will also help avoid frostbite.

3. Foot Exercises
A simple foot solution that everyone can do is by having regular foot exercises. Stretching your feet a couple of times a day will help extend and exercise your ankles, calves and other leg muscles. Another footwear accessories is by removing your shoes when you get home and by walking bare foot. This will enable your feet to breathe and relax. Alternatively, massaging your feet is an amazing foot solution because it improves circulation and minimizes pain.

4. RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation)
A great footwear solution that effectively lessens pain is by making use of the RICE technique. Letting your feet rest after a strenuous activity such as contact sports will give your muscles time to relax. When you feel that your feet is starting to hurt, remove your shoes immediately and allow them to have a break. Ice therapy is an excellent solution for painful feet as it temporarily numbs the affected part giving you relief from discomfort. Wrap an ice pack or a small bag of ice with a towel and place it on the painful areas of your foot. You can also use the ice pack to massage the area in a circular motion. Applying compression with the use of a bandage is also a good foot solution to aching feet. In addition, elevating your legs is one of the best footwear solutions that help reduce swelling.

5. Topical Gels or Ointments
Topical pain relievers such as gels and ointments are also foot solutions that alleviate pain. These medications contain anti-inflammatory agents that prevent swelling.

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